The Smurfs' Society

Access & Onboarding

How to join The Smurfs’ Society and create an account
1.WALLET First, you need to create an account on The Smurfs' Society Platform. You will need to connect your crypto wallet when prompted to create an account. (learn more here) --------------------------------
2. ONBOARDING PHASES There are three phases to becoming a member of The Smurfs’ Society:
  1. 3.
    ​General access Phase 3 (From mid-Feb '23)
3. MATIC You will need to have some MATIC in your wallet in order to pay the blockchain transaction fees. Although the fees are low ($1 is enough to pay for multiple transactions at the time of the launch -dec'22), you will be blocked if you don't have MATIC in your wallet when you receive NFTs. (Learn more here)