The Smurfs' Society

TL;DR Quick guide to joining The Smurfs' Society

Learn all the essentials you'll need to start using The Smurfs' Society app today.

What is The Smurfs' Society?

The Smurfs’ Society is the only PFP project backed by the official Smurfs brand.
We are currently in phase 3 of this interactive project and are focusing on building a large community through a gamified Web3 experience. Below, you'll find the basic steps to take part in the fun and potentially earn access to our exclusive minting.

Why should I play?

To have fun, meet fellow Smurf frens, and win! Plus, you can enjoy the experience of finding your own ticket to mint a Smurf PFP.
By connecting to our app (either through a partner collab or with your Twitter account), you can start to collect ingredients through your daily claim. With these ingredients, you can mix recipes to create potions. Some potions are also linked to access crystals, which are guaranteed tickets to mint a Legendary Smurf PFP at a discount.
The more you play, the higher your chances of winning are. You can also sell your ingredients on marketplaces like OpenSea.

But wait, what is an access crystal?

An access crystal is a ticket to the Allow List (AL) that guarantees your right to mint a Smurf from our Legendary collection at a discounted rate.

What do I need to play?

First, you need to connect to our app. Everything starts here.
Then you need a Wallet. If you don't already have a wallet, we recommend using our partner Zengo, which offers a free, ultra-secure wallet.
Once your wallet is set up, you need a statuette to start the game. If you do not receive a statuette through one of our affiliated partners (airdropped via a "loot box"), you can buy one on a marketplace like OpenSea (be sure to buy a legit one from the official Smurfs' Society site; there are some scams out there).
Last but not least, you will need some MATIC (on polygon) to process your game transactions since the entire game is on-chain!

How does the game work?

Step 1: Collect items (ingredient​s) + blue clay​

Collect items in order to mix them together to find recipes for potions and crystals. There are several ways to collect items:
  • Through the daily claim on our app (the higher the multiplier the higher the chances of earning a rarer ingredient)
  • Through loot boxes 'bought' with points earned on our Discord. You can earn points by participating in quizzes and by engaging with the Discord community. Points can be redeemed for loot boxes in the #commands channel on our discord.
  • By competing in Smurfy challenges on Discord in the #challenges channel. New challenges are announced every Wednesday.
  • By helping solve riddles posted in our Twitter Quests
  • By purchasing them on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea​

Step 2: Mixing ingredients to find recipes

To test a recipe, mix 3 ingredients & blue clay.
  • If the mix does not work, your ingredients remain in your wallet but you'll lose your blue clay.
  • If the mix is a success, you will get a potion (that can be used to mix more and rarer potions).
  • In addition to the hundreds of potions you can mix, 200 lucky recipes will create access crystals to mint a specific Smurf Character! (There are 25 possible access crystals per Smurf character available to win through gamification)

Step 3: Enter a raffle to win an access crystal

To reduce the number of bots claiming all the access crystals, in phase 2 we implemented a raffle system to claim access crystals.
  • The first access crystal (access crystal #1) to be found from a new recipe will be given to the player who discovered it.
  • Then, the 24 additional crystals for the same Smurf character will become available through a 72-hour raffle.
  • Any player who mixes the correct recipe within the 72-hour period will be entered into the raffle with winners chosen at random.
  • Winners will be announced once the 72 hours are over.
For a complete guide to mixing ingredients and how the gameplay works, check here.
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​Game Stats​
Any Questions? Ask the community on Discord.