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The official knowledge database of the Smurfs' Society's original, immersive, and decentralized on-chain adventure.
Hi Smurf friends! This wiki is structured into three main sections:
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    The Book of the Elders Absorb yourself in the details of our story and quests as they unfold.
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    The Smurfs' Society Explore our ecosystem, get to know who we are, and get lost in the details of this incredible collection.
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    Learn about the pioneering on-chain gamification app we designed for our allow-list.
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    Resources Find the answers to your questions on everything related to the project/technology.
Watch out for scams. Always use our official communication channels:

Discover The Smurfs' Society in 10 points

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    The only PFP collection officially backed by The Smurfs
  2. 2.
    250 Smurf characters, each with fifty 3D variants equaling 12,500 unique NFTs
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    Minting is scheduled to take place in early Spring ‘23
  4. 4.
    Interactive Gaming App to get access to the allow list (AL) and discounts (paused)
  5. 5.
    Dozens of NFT ingredients & potions are available to find your crystal to get on the AL
  6. 6.
    Multiple ways to play including daily drops, or engaging in our Quests & Riddles
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    To play, you need a wallet (our preferred wallet is ZenGo) with MATIC, an access or referral code, and a Statuette
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    Statuettes, ingredients, potions, and crystals are all available for purchase on OpenSea
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    One mission: to combine Personal value & Collective interest and Act together for the planet